Top 30 Haunted Travel Destinations Around the World

By Trista
Top 30 Haunted Travel Destinations Around the World

Most of us love a good ghost story just like the next person. You may even enjoy ghost tales and haunted houses more than your friends. There’s something about haunted places and stories that gets your adrenaline going. And there’s something about the mystery and fear, the possibility of seeing something beyond the physical world that draws us to so many places.

People all over the world travel to some of the most haunted places so they can live to tell the tale. For example, Transylvania is one of the most famous reportedly haunted places in the world thanks to its association with Dracula. However, there are allegedly spirits that roam a variety of locations, from war battlefields to ordinary houses to old castles and ancient ruins — all with a purpose. If this sounds like it’s your cup of tea, keep reading as we break down the 30 most haunted places to travel around the world.

Bhangarh Fort in India is a place where people can’t enter before sunrise until after sunset. Flickr.

30. Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort takes the award for the most haunted place in India. The biggest reason this place is so haunted is because of the myth that anyone who enters the fort between sunset and sunrise will not make it out. No one knows what happens to anyone that comes during the night, yet they simply vanish. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people haven’t tried. Some claim to have made it out, but they can’t explain what happened. This is no surprise because people who go to the fort during the day can’t understand the phenomena they see. All they know is it feels like they are being watched.