30 Least Expensive Countries To Travel To

By Larry Holzwarth
30 Least Expensive Countries To Travel To

As you probably know, travel is often quite expensive. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great travel destinations to visit without taking out a second mortgage. While you may have to leave Paris in the spring off the itinerary, travelers can still enjoy the exotic climate and stunning scenery offered by nearby destinations off the proverbial beaten path.

There are many such locations where the dollar goes further, and the names are exotic enough to make tales of the adventure compelling to listeners at home. Here are some of the least expensive countries to visit on today’s dollar, and what to do while there.

Exotic Montenegro is affordable to travelers who budget carefully. CNN

30. Montenegro

Kotor is a small city (population just over 13,000) tucked into a secluded gulf on the Adriatic. Surrounded by cliffs that overhang the town, it offers stunning views and the climate of the Mediterranean coastline. Tivat Airport is just three miles away from the city center and offers regular service to Belgrade, Paris, London, and other European connections. The city has a special appeal to cat lovers.

Throughout the community, water and food are left out for felines. Visitors find cardboard boxes for cats to use as temporary homes scattered among the streets and alleyways. Kotor hosts several summer festivals and events for residents and visitors and is also a World Heritage Site. History buffs enjoy its deep connection with the region’s complex past.