The cruise is affordable for everyone with the three main payment options. Wikimedia Commons.

17. There Are Different Payment Plans

For most people, coming up with over $5,000 in one shot isn’t easy. In fact, many people can’t do this without saving or taking out a loan. But thanks to the cruise’s quick way of thinking, you don’t have to worry about figuring out a savings plan or getting a loan. Instead, you can simply go to the Cruise of Thrones website and set up a payment plan through them. 

They have three different payment plans and the registration and payment process opened in January 2020. The first plan is to pay in full. The second plan is setting up automatic monthly payments. All you need to do is secure your deposit and then set up a monthly payment plan. The final option is reserving your spot with a deposit and then paying the rest off as you can. This might take a bit more planning from you, but it makes it so you don’t need to set up automatic payments. However, you do have to meet the required deadlines when it comes to payments.