Most people compare the symptoms of the coronavirus to the cold or flu, but it has one significant symptom that causes most people to seek medical care – shortness of breath. Pxhere.

19. Coronavirus Symptoms

Doctors explain that the reported symptoms of the coronavirus range from mild to severe. This means some people could have the virus and not even realize they have it. They might realize they’re sick, but think it’s merely a cold and not need to go to the doctor. But other people will get the coronavirus and find themselves isolated in the hospital. Some of the most troubling symptoms are similar to the cold or flu. You have a fever and cough. However, one sign that’s a bit different is you feel shortness of breath. 

It’s usually the shortness of breath that makes people worry as this can lead to more severe health problems, such as pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. The shortness of breath is usually why people head to the doctor, which is when they discover they have the coronavirus.